Deaf meet online

Online Communities Offer Comfort for Deaf and Hearing-Impaired Individuals

deaf meet online

Online communities for deaf and hearing-impaired individuals offer a looking to meet other Deaf and hearing impaired singles, you might. Take advantage of deaf dating site, get acquainted with interesting people from all over the world, make your dream come true, meet the person of your dream. Twenty years ago, if you wanted to find out what was going on in the deaf world, or maybe even meet a few deaf people, your options were.

deaf meet online

Since I grew up in a hearing family and went to mainstream schools, my deafness felt more like an albatross than like a positive aspect of my identity. So I left it out.

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And for a few weeks, I had a great time chatting with men online in a way that I never could in person. I told them about my dog, my writing, my art, and the music and TV and movies that I like.

deaf meet online

Then one Friday night that April, a guy I had been chatting with for a week or so asked me to meet up for a drink. So I said yes.

There was only one problem.

Why I Didn't Reveal I'm Deaf In My Online Dating Profile

I have perfected downplaying to an art. I went home feeling very satisfied with the way I had handled things. I wish I had gathered more data to share with you on this topic, I really do. But my first Tinder date ended up being my last.

deaf meet online

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Dougher A recent picture of Jesse and me at one of the many weddings we've been to, where we like to get tipsy and regale everyone with the story of how we met on Tinder and he Googled me before our first date. One night after we had been dating for a few months, we were cuddling in bed when Jesse grew sober and admitted that he had been keeping something from me.

I braced myself for the recent divorce, the drug problem, the child support payments, the tickling fetish. I was not prepared for his actual revelation. Armed with that and my first name, he took to Google and was rewarded with the very first result.

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Not only had the entire idea that I would control the disclosure of my deafness been an illusion, but he had found out via the element that I felt most self-conscious about: Now, with the rise of the internet, there are all kinds of resources online, making it easy to find out all about the deaf world without even leaving your home.

There are in fact so many deaf related websites, that it can be difficult to know where to start looking. TV and Videos Sign Post, based in the north-east, offers world news in BSL, as well as giving sign language enthusiasts the chance to learn a new sign every day. Here, you can catch up on sign interpreted shows whenever you like.

The British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust was set up in to increase the amount of sign language presented programming on television. On their website you'll find two entire series of their magazine show 'Wicked', a chat show called 'Under the Lamp' and dramas for young and old, all in BSL with subtitles. Sign Tube is the deaf version of You Tube, but it's more like a community portal, with a regularly updated bank of clips from deaf football matches and social events.

Deaf Blogs Deaf Read gathers a host of deaf blogs into one handy location, and allows you to see how popular each blog post is by how many visits its had.

My favourite personal blogs by deaf authors are Hearing Sparks which is written by Megan, 23, from Arizona wife and geekand Deafinitely Girlywho bills herself as "deaf in the city and having fun". Deaf and looking for a job? Then check out Deaf UK Jobs.

deaf meet online

Then there's Deaf UK which has nearly members and features deaf news, lively discussion and information about deaf events. Groups, Deaf 4 Life is a messageboard aiming for a community feel.

deaf meet online

It has recently been taken over by a new owner, and is starting to become more active again. If you prefer to read something in a more traditional format, newspaper The Hearing Times — which despite the name, is for deaf, rather than hearing people - allows you to subscribe to an online version for free.