How did archie goodwin meet nero wolfe

Archie Meets Nero Wolfe

how did archie goodwin meet nero wolfe

This is the story of how Archie Goodwin arrives in New York in at the age of 19, how Archie and Nero Wolfe met, and he's done it to a fare-thee-well here. Learn basic psychological reasoning with Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin, with a man of wide experience who can be assumed to have met several 'geniuses'; his During this time, he produced no full Wolfe novels although Archie did go. But since Archie Meets Nero Wolfe is a prequel, that means later However, for much of the book, the voice of Archie Goodwin is missing.

Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin

Outside the household, but relevant, are Saul Panzer a private detective Wolfe often hires to help Archie or do other tasks ; Fred Durkin is often hired by Wolfe to do surveillance and other mundane assignments; and of course Inspector Cramer. Frequently the books end with the suspects being collected in the brownstone for a final interview by Wolfe -- then the denouement, where Wolfe explains all and identifies the murderer.

This cliche is an earmark of classic detective technique during the "Golden Age" of detective, crime, and murder myster, and I love it, for here it becomes absolutely clear that Wolfe is in full command of the situation and has solved the puzzle. His masterful disclosure ties up loose ends and is very satisfying to readers like me who enjoy this convention.

Rex Stout Rex Stout wanted to write novels. He built a business so he could retire early and write.

Archie Goodwin (character)

If you were a student in the United States, you may have participated in a school savings program where you contributed money through the school for a savings account of your own, and you kept a savings passbook. This was developed by Stout. Archie has many of the best lines; and oft draws comments akin to Wolfe's "you'll clown at your funeral" p. The orchids are on the top floor, where Wolfe spends much of his time "playing with his orchids" in Archie's words.

There are four rooms: The office is on the ground floor, there is a billiard room in the basement and bedrooms are on intermediate floors. That is around 20 stone or kilos, disgusting but perhaps not quite obscene!

However, Wolfe does, in fact, leave the house fairly often, despite the constant repetitions that such events are rare. His main exercise is to work in the plant rooms full of orchids on the top floor of the brownstone the journey to the plant rooms managed by liftor to walk to the dinner table. Legwork is undertaken by the wise-cracking Archie Goodwin, who also has the duty of stinging Wolfe into the serious hard work of thinking about his cases rather than reading, attending to his orchids or 'studying' cookery.

Wolfe works primarily for money, but also often for a shyly deprecated sense of justice. Other regular characters are visitors. A garbageman collects table refuse, while a senator collects evidence of the corruption of highly placed men -- might one not prefer the garbage as less unsavory? Only the table scavenger gets less pay; that is the real point. I do not soil myself cheaply, I charge high fees.

It may be that a bevy of beautiful maidens in pure silk yellow very sheer gowns, barefooted, singing Oh, What a Beautiful Morning and scattering rose petals over me would do the trick, but I'd have to try it.

Fritz and I have tried it.

how did archie goodwin meet nero wolfe

Those things she calls Sweeties! And that salad dressing abomination -- we have tried that too, in an emergency. What they do to stomachs heaven knows, but that woman is ingeniously and deliberately conspiring in the corruption of millions of palates. She should be stopped!


They got too strong for me once or twice and I had that idea. If I had stayed lean and kept moving around I would have been dead long ago. My spring of philanthropy is not so torrential. Goodwin's professional reputation and competence have been challenged, and by extension my own. You invoked respondeat superior; I will not only answer, I will act.

Mentally you are -- well -- in the pupa stage. It is sufficiently annoying to deal with inadequate information, which is what one usually has, but to sit thus while surmises, the mere ghosts of facts, tumble idiotically in my brain, is next to insupportable.

I think instead it is a hysterical paroxysm of his infantile vanity. Do you think I welcome an invasion of my premises by platoons of policemen herding a drove of scared and suspected citizens?

Archie Meets Nero Wolfe: A Prequel to Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe Mysteries

When he saw I was looking at him he beckoned me to come, and the thought popped into my mind that, with guests present and Wolfe making an oration, that was precisely how Fritz would act if the house was on fire.

He was being compelled to break some of his most ironclad rules. He was riding behind strange drivers, walking in crowds, obeying a summons from a prospective client, and calling upon a public official, urged on by his desperate desire to find a decent place to sit down.

Very well, this one has, and we are intact. Thank God the whim was not a deadlier one. His stated reason was that I worked better if I thought it all depended on me. His actual reason was that he loved to have a curtain go up revealing him balancing a live seal on his nose. That woman makes money killing time for fools.

With it she pays me for rooting around in mud. Half of my share goes for taxes which are used to make bombs to blow people to pieces. Yet I am not without dignity. It is no greater than the cause of edible food or the cause of effective shelter.

how did archie goodwin meet nero wolfe

Man must have freedom or he will cease to exist as man.