Nuyts wilderness track meet

Nuyts Wilderness Walk Track - Hiking the wilderness

nuyts wilderness track meet

Feb 11, We walked into Thompson Cove via the Nuyts Wilderness Walk Track, and also explored Aldridge Cove, Hush Hush Beach (via the Bibbulmun. Nov 6, At a meeting that was attended by senior bureaucrats from CALM about 18 I do not want to be alarmist and stop people from using the track because it is a great .. the Nuyts wilderness fire, which occurred in March This is the most wilderness section of the southern part of the Track, with fewer bitumen roads and almost no civilisation for eight days. Find out more in Along.

The Nuyts track to Thompson's Cove and Aldridge Cove continues ahead, following what was once a four-wheel-drive track. Back in it was relatively clear, but since then much regrowing has occurred.

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This suits the wilderness values of the area: Thompson's Cove Beyond the Bibbulmun, the two wheel ruts were still easily distinguishable - following the route is not a problem - but it was impossible to walk without brushing against shrubs and low foliage. Some of it prickly. I wore shorts and paid the price with badly scratched and prickled legs, plus a bonus bush tick - definitely long pants next time!

The track meanders for another three kilometres, gradually ascending until the ocean comes into view, then gradually descending. I don't think I've ever appreciated the beauty of coastal heath as much as I did on this bit of track. The plant variety is beautiful when you really look at it, and even outside of wildflower season there was plenty of colour.

Cheerful birdsong completed the ambience, and occasional groves of peppermint trees provided occasional shade.

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When the coast is neared, a signposted side track leads left down to Thompson's Cove. I took this track, and for the next twenty minutes or so battled a barely-there route through thick scrub down a gully leading to the cove. Finally, with scratches on my arms competing with those on the legs, I emerged tired and sweaty but triumphant onto an idyllic beach.

Thompson's Cove is small; a secluded wedge of beach enclosed in a gully between giant headlands. With a stream of refreshing clear water gurgling its way around mossy boulders across sand to the sea. If you want to feel hidden away in a piece of isolated coast untouched by humans, this is a perfect spot. It was on this beach that I camped years ago, not noticing that the tiny flat space amid peppermint trees about 15 minutes before the cove was the designated camping area.

From the beach at Thompson's Cove I returned puffing and sweating back up the gully to the main track, then continued left towards Aldridge Cove.

Nuyts Wilderness Walk Track – Hiking the wilderness

A timely reminder to tread carefully. At the boot cleaning station we swung south picking up the Bibbulmun Track until aligned approximately with the eastern end of Poison Hill. Hush Hush Beach track Follow this track to the edge of the ridge where you should get a visual of 4WD track and car park at the western end of Hush Hush Beach.

From here it is a bit of off-track walking down to the carpark and then there is a track down to the beach. Keep in mind that there is no water at this end of Hush Hush Beach.

nuyts wilderness track meet

The views from the summit are really well worth putting in the effort to get there. We took about two hours to complete the walk itself. There is a track to Mt Hopkins which is reasonably easy to follow, however, as you get closer to Mt Hopkins it gets overgrown, so long pants and a long sleeved shirt are recommended.

nuyts wilderness track meet

Approaching Mt Hopkins — Still easy going at this point — Nuyts Wilderness Getting a little overgrown here — Mt Hopkins — Nuyts Wilderness Yes there is a bushwalker there somewhere — Mt Hopkins — Nuyts Wilderness Must have been on track after all — an old boot cleaning station — Mt Hopkins — Nuyts Wilderness As we got closer to Mt Hopkins we pretty much lost the trail to the summit as the photos above show but we then all of a sudden popped out on a boot cleaning station.

Broke Inlet to the west of Walpole is one of the biggest of all the estuaries on the South Coast of Western Australiaand is by far the most pristine. The surrounds of the inlet and its entire catchment area remain completely undeveloped, protected by national parks. I've only ever visited the Broke Inlet's shores, but I would love one day to go kayaking there one day. Irwin and Parry Inlets are to the east of Walpole, and are much smaller. The Walpole Wilderness coast has some incredibly beautiful scenery, but its remoteness means that exploring it isn't always easy.

nuyts wilderness track meet

With a 4-wheel-drive, you can take the Blue Holes track down to Bellanger Beach, and drive further along the beach, all the way to the Nornalup Inlet channel. You can also easily drive along firm beach sand a fair distance east from Peaceful Bay, at least until you reach the Irwin Inlet which can be a challenge at times.

Pay attention to the tides and be careful not to get stuck on the wrong side of the inlet! Which Walpole Beaches can you visit with a 2WD car?

Exploring the Walpole Wilderness Area

Peaceful Bay is sheltered by offshore rocks and is just perfect for swimming. You can also launch a boat there. Conspicuous Beach and Mandalay Beach are wild wavy beaches, more suitable for walks, fishing and surfing.