Oprah drape saree to meet ash

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oprah drape saree to meet ash

The buzz is that Oprah is keen to meet Abhishek Ash's newborn in April , where she gave Oprah a lesson on how to drape a saree. Ash. The first time she joined Oprah Winfrey, Ash had demonstrated how to wear a sari to much applause. This time again, she'll be wearing a sari. The media mogul, who arrived to film an episode of OWN's "Oprah's Next Wearing an orange and golden saree gifted by Aishwarya, Winfrey was then Nice 2 see her wear a beautiful Sari:),” actress Preity Zinta (who also.

I won't feel good doing that. I'm amazed how many people feel good hitting out at me. Earlier, they had more leeway to deny their indiscretions in print.

Abhishek, Aishwarya planning bash for Oprah?

But now on television they look pretty ridiculous denying what they say. You're constantly travelling these days! It's the only time when I'm on my own. I had actually just flown in from London, done my ads for Lux and Nakshatra and then gone to New York, and I didn't regret the exhausting travel schedule! To be in such fine company was humbling. I always feel proud to represent my country at any international event.

I love to wear a sari and look Indian. In all my interactions abroad, I'm perceived as representing my country, and not just as an actress. As an actress, you've just begun to be recognised abroad. Even as far as DevdasI was recognised for my acting.

Director Andy Tennant claims that he had offered you the lead in Hitch. He re-wrote the role. When I first heard the script, I too wanted it rewritten. But then things didn't work out. In fact, I'm making no effort to get work in Hollywood. Mr Amitabh Bachchan was in the US for a festival of his films and was warmly received.

It's good to be appreciated for my work.

Sabya’s sari for Aishwarya

What are your international projects? It's about the spices -- their scents and significances. She finally ends up in prison for murdering her husband. These aren't routine roles. From the start, I've searched for challenges as an actress. What do you think about the story? Read what others have to say: Number of User Comments: Who Aish Aish took India to the world? Whatz wrong with guys here Posted by Kushal Sub: Aishwarya first be a hit in India Aish is not even successful in India.

Raj Kapoor Russia 2. Don't criticize Ash please Aishwarya is a multitalented personality. I'm excieted about wearing it in my farewell party, it will make me look glam and ethnic at the same time. It is said that the body of an average Indian woman is most suitable for wearing a saree where height being an average 5 to 5ft 4 in and waist size 30 to 40 if drapped perfectly in a saree will actually accentuate your figure.

Many people believe that the saree was actually influenced from the greeks and the romans " Toga " worn by men and " Stola " worn by women which were long 6 meters cloth draped and worn over a tunic slip.

Sabya’s sari for Aishwarya

But most saree lovers donot think the same way they feel its the other way round" Indians influenced the world to wear something new and more versetile, besides what people donot know about toga and stola is that they had to be stiched or pinned at some places while in saree its not so " said Ajay a would be fashion designer.

Indeed Saree is more than years old, it gets mentioned in Vedas the oldest exisiting literature B.

oprah drape saree to meet ash

Patterns of dresses have changed throughout the world now and then but, the Saree has survived because it is still mainly wore in rural India. Saree originally Chira came from Sanskrit which meant cloth. From 5 yards to 9. For day today dress of middle class women, yard sari is comfortable to manage household chores.

oprah drape saree to meet ash

Working class tucks the same length above the ankles and if they have to work in water or fields, they would tuck the front pleats between the legs to the back, and tie the upper portion round the waist.

This left them free movement of hands and legs. A gold silver or cloth belt fastened to keep pallu, upper cover pleats and folds in tact. Jhansi's Queen Laxmibai, Belawadi Mallamma and Kittur Chennamma have fought enemy troops on horseback, wearing saree in Veeragacche or soldier's tuck style. Usually the advent of saree is attributed the hot and humid climate of India where the genral middle class was extremely fond of soft cotton sarees and the richer class could wear flashy sarees.

Saree in hot climate was easy to wear and a perfect cover from head to toe in broad day light. Also Dhoti, lungi or mundu are abridged version of the saree worn by men. Another interesting thought related to this is that in Indian philosophy, the navel of the Supreme Being is considered as the source of life and creativity.

Hence by tradition, the stomach and the navel is to be left unconcealed, though the philosophy behind the costume has largely been forgotten. This makes the realization of sharira-mandala, where in Angikam bhuvanam yasya the body as the world unites with the sharira-mandala the whole universeas expressed in the Natyashastra. These principles of the saree, also hold for other forms of drapes, like the lungi or mundu worn by men. While earlier revealing of navel while wearing a saree was largely a spiritual philosophy today its majorly associated with style.

Our beloved bollywood has always taken a foot forward to keep up with the trends of saree, fancy work and fancy blouses with materials like silk, gorgettechiffon, net see through material and body stick fabrics are extremely in.