Signs that hes not interested in the relationship anymore

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signs that hes not interested in the relationship anymore

If a guy isn't interested anymore, he won't ask you as many questions and won't try . MORE: How To Tell If He's No Longer Interested In You Or A Relationship. If you're not sure if your paranoia is justified, take a look at these signs that this dude is Whether you're in a full-fledged relationship or just an almost relationship, exactly what's giving you the nagging feeling that he's lost interest, though. Instead, he might be giving you subtle signs that he's not interested in dating you anymore without you even noticing them. Sometimes strategy.

He stops communicating Communication is very important in a relationship and when your guy stops communicating, you may no longer be on his priority. Taking time to call or send an sms and even send a message through any social media just to ask how your day went speak volumes of a guy's care for your well being. Unless he became totally maimed from the arm down, the current technologies have more than one channel to send any message to a recipient.

Essentially, he doesn't have an excuse to not communicate with you in either way. If he used to check on you at the end of the day via a call or text and suddenly stops doing it, that is one subtle sign he could be losing interest in you.

Also, when you initiate communication now more than him when it used to be the other way around, it won't hurt to do a rain check to see if you are still seeing each other eye to eye on your relationship.

Your are no longer part of his future plans If you are with a guy for quite some time, a discussion on where the relationship is headed is but a natural progress. He must be open to talk about things like when you are supposed to settle down, where to live and a lot of other things,all indicating he plans to be with you for the long haul. Envisioning a future together is a sign of commitment to your relationship.

signs that hes not interested in the relationship anymore

It also signifies that the relationship is moving to a much deeper level. On the other hand, it is also a fact that a man who is not so serious with you would always avoid these kinds of talks. In short, if your guy avoids mention of any future plans and turns evasive when you bring the subject up, this may mean he is not planning to be with you in the long haul. He is now restless when you are around When you notice your guy becoming more restless whenever he is with you that he seems to want to be in another place, perhaps because he no longer enjoys spending quality time with you.

A man who still loves you would find any excuse just to be around the person they love. This is but natural because being with that person makes him comfortable and at peace. This is true whether you doing an activity outside or just merely hanging out doing nothing and enjoying each others company.

11 Biggest Signs A Guy Isn’t Interested in You Anymore

If he seems to be out of whack and appears listless every time you two are together, that is never a good sign. He hides his phone or calls from you When your guy used to leave his phone around even if you are in the room but now hides it like a dark secret, or you notice that he no longer takes calls in front of you, something is definitely off.

People don't normally change their behavior without any reason behind it. Your guy could have another reason, unless he now works as a spy for CIA, hiding while taking calls raises a red flag that he could be hiding something from you.

To love someone means being honest and open about things and him hiding his phone and calls is just the opposite of that. He flakes out If your guy now arrives late on your dates, forgets to pick you up and no longer bothers to explain why, treat this as another sign that signify his waning love for you. It seems that he could not care less that you need an explanation and that is never a good thing.

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It could also that he flakes on the last minute leaving you hanging without much of an explanation or an apology, time to wake up sis! This is not the kind of behavior you would want to put up with. Clearly, this guy no longer value your time and your love. Intimacy is gone Intimacy is important between two people who care about each other. It brings a relationship to a level where two people can freely show their feelings and passion to each other without reservation.

The Top 10 Signs A Guy Isn’t Interested In You Anymore

Understandably, it is hard to maintain passion over the course of a long-term relationship. If he stops being passionate about you and even avoids intimacy then clearly he has lost interest. He starts avoiding people close to you In a normal relationship, a boyfriend would often want to learn about your friends and family because he would want to be a part of the close circle of people who mean to you.

When a guy starts to veer away from the same people, he is in fact signalling that he is trying to build distance ultimately with you.

He does this to avoid the guilt because he knows too well that these are the same people who cares for you.

signs that hes not interested in the relationship anymore

Well, sorry to say, but both situations could be a problem. This could point to your boyfriend wanting to break up with you. The classic example of this is when a guy starts hanging out with his male friends a lot more, acting like a single guy instead of someone in a committed relationship. You're not his Number One anymore.

Communication is the most important element of your relationship.

The Top 10 Signs A Guy Isn’t Interested In You Anymore

He's not being respectful to you! Sometimes in relationships, people start off by being super-interested in each other. But then, once they become comfortable with each other, this intense need dissipates. If you find yourself in this situation, it could be a good idea to back off a bit.

It seems that lately he never gives you any compliments. Compliments have different functions. They can make you feel valued, such as if your partner tells you they love how you always support them. Compliments can also make you feel noticed, such as when your partner tells you that your new dress looks pretty. You avoid taking them for granted.