Relationship between ralof and hadvar is following

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relationship between ralof and hadvar is following

Why Hadvar calls Ralof a traitor is pretty obvious: Ralof is a traitor to the .. made a potential follower (and yes, why not marriage partner?) after. One thing I've always wondered about Skyrim is what happens to Ralof or Hadvar after Helgen? They both head towards the Helgen keep but if. *possible spoilers* Does it make a difference, later in the game if I choose one or the other, specifically? I would like to know if this choice.

Inxentas Inxentas 7 years ago 6 It just gives you one of both missions, and another excuse to visit the first town. The other one can simply be started by talking to people from either faction.

I'm pretty sure it's just a way of introducing the civil war factions. Both doors into the keep lead to the same cell.

relationship between ralof and hadvar is following

You could see it as a way to obtain faction armour by joining the opposition. Those armours are far from unique though. Following the Stormcloak guy gets you out of the tutorial like 2 minutes faster. You have to steal them if you followed the Stormcloak But you get a key to his sisters house, where her husband seems to get stuck sometimes.

So selling lumber to him early on can be a pain Otherwise, just talk to people and you get the option to join either group, regardless of who you follow.

Bleakwail Bleakwail Topic Creator 7 years ago 8 Thanks. I am just extremely nervous about any choices. Because there is very little information out. Even I'll admit it hasn't been the Empire's finest hour. But it wasn't like the Emperor had any choice, did he? If he hadn't signed the peace treaty with the Thalmor, they would have destroyed the Empire - then where would Skyrim be?

That's the part that Ulfric's supporters always conveniently forget about. Unless the Empire stands together, the Thalmor will destroy us all.

Damn Stormcloaks could be anywhere. The Jagged Crown At Korvanjund: I knew you'd make a proper Legionnaire. I'm glad you'll be with me in there. I don't like the looks of this place You were with us at Helgen I heard you came around and picked the right side. Welcome to the Legion! I'm glad you're with us. They don't want us here, the ancient ones.

But never mind all that. We're the Emperor's soldiers. We'll do our duty no matter what stands in our way, right? I'd much rather a straight up fight than creeping around a place like this. Look who it is! How have you been? I need this to go well. This is my first real command since they promoted me after Whiterun.

You know, some nights when I close my eyes, I see the battle stretched out before me, like I'm still there Do the men you've killed haunt you? But at least we know we're doing our part to make things better, eh? I guess I'm doing all right. Do the men you killed haunt you?

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I'm not sure if that's a good thing We've got a job to do. Hadvar may also say "What brings you out this way? But, never mind all that. We need to capture it. It just so happens we've been tracking a wagon! For about a day now.

Ralof and Hadvar

So that's what's in there? How do you know that? I'm sure having a steward in the pocket will come in handy.

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Lucky for us, that the wagon recently had a little accident. Just up the road! We're outnumbered, but I have a plan. You got here just in time. I see how it is. That wagon recently had a little accident. They're stranded now, just up the road. Next, you'll infiltrate their position and get their attention while we hit them with a barrage of arrows.

With a bit of luck, we'll catch them completely off guard and even the odds a little.

relationship between ralof and hadvar is following

You wait here, and I'll take care of it. But we'll come running if it sounds like things have gotten out of hand. Only between 6am and 6pm or Let's wait a little longer.