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The Lady Vanishes () Year Of Production, By the end of the seventies there had already been considerable highs and lows in As well as scoring in The Heartbreak Kid (), her relationship both on and off. The Lady Vanishes is a British comedy mystery film directed by .. she was married to actor and director Gerz Feigenberg; the marriage ended in divorce. Lady Vanishes, The () Don't read on if you don't want to know the ending! are concerned that any delay may cost them their connection to England.

And two hilariously over-the-top Englishmen obsessed with cricket. This is probably one of Hitchcock's nicer films — think The 39 Steps. Unofficially, the Jodie Foster film Flightplan bears quite a few similarities. This film provides examples of: Hartz seems like he's genuinely a nice guy, even despite being a Nazi assassin.

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He even gleefully wishes the heroes good luck at the end after they escape him. Half the people who say they never saw Miss Froy aren't even part of the conspiracy, they just don't want to get involved for reasons of their own. Iris is supposed to enter into one as soon as she returns to England. Defied when she decides to marry Gilbert instead. Hartz' cohort dresses as a nun throughout the movie. She makes a mistake in her disguise, however: The Big Damn Kiss: Miss Froy thinks "spy" is an awful term.

The movie shows shades of this early on as Iris tries desperately to convince everyone that Miss Froy exists. Charters and Caldicott keep up their customary banter even during the climactic shootout. The tune the guitarist is playing is the code that Froy was bringing home. The guitar player near the beginning.

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Iris sees Miss Froy's previously written name. Couldn't Find a Pen: Miss Froy writes her name on the train window. The clue that gives away Dr. Hitchcock, near the beginning of his practice of making a cameo in every film, pops up for a few seconds at the station at the end.

Todhunter, who also proves to be Too Dumb to Live.

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Hartz, a kindly doctor who tries to help Iris out after Froy's disappearance. Oh, and he's secretly a paid assassin working for the Nazis, not to mention the one who kidnapped Miss Froy to begin with.

A pair dispatches the guitar player. Finding Gilbert and Dr Hartz, Iris searches for others on the train who may remember seeing Miss Froy, threatening to stop the train. Other passengers in the carriage deny having seen Miss Froy: Eric Todhunter because he is concerned at becoming involved in a scandal which will expose his adultery, while Charters and Caldicott are concerned that any delay may cost them their connection to England. Meanwhile, a bandaged patient, watched over by a nun, is put onto the train, to be operated on by Hartz at a hospital further down the line.

Signor Doppo announces that Miss Froy has returned, but when Iris returns to the compartment, Madame Kummer is in Miss Froy's seat, and Doppo and the Baroness claim she has been there all the time. Deciding that she has been hallucinating, Iris goes for dinner with Gilbert, but notices Miss Froy's name written on the window.

Agitated, she pulls the emergency cord and stops the train. Hartz suggests that she should disembark with him and his patient so she can be treated in hospital. Gilbert sees Miss Froy's herbal tea packet being thrown out of the train, and becomes convinced something is afoot. He and Iris search the train and find Doppo's equipment, for his stage show as a magician.

Doppo comes upon them and they fight, eventually securing him in one of his own trunks. But it has a false bottom and he escapes. They go to Hartz's compartment, finding only the bandaged patient and the nun.

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When they locate Hartz, Gilbert expounds to him over drinks in the dining car his theory that there is a conspiracy and that the bandaged figure is really Miss Froy. Reception and legacy Critical response When The Lady Vanishes opened in the UK it was an immediate hit, becoming the most successful British film to that date. It was also very successful when it opened in New York. In his review for the BBC, Jamie Russell gave the film four out of five stars, calling it a "craftily sophisticated thriller" and a "cracking piece of entertainment".

The story is blessed by great characters and many witty and imaginative touches, in particular the conceit by which the passengers are each given selfish motives for refusing to verify Iris' story. As well as the chemistry between the two leads, the film has some of Hitchcock's best character parts, with Basil Radford and Naunton Wayne particularly good value as the cricket obsessed Charters and Caldicott.

Night Train to Munich was the first of the three and was directed by Carol Reed. The duo also appeared in in Crook's Tour written by Barbara K. Emary and directed by John Baxter.