Bahamas china relationship

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bahamas china relationship

And The One-China principle which is the political basis for the establishment and development of relations between China and The Bahamas. The relationship between China and The Bahamas is not exactly one of parity. Their overwhelming population numbers and wielding of. Since then, China-Bahamas friendship and co-operation have been The development of China-Bahamas relations has a profound.

bahamas china relationship

It was the first visit to China by a Bahamian Prime Minister since the establishment of diplomatic relations. During the visit, Premier Li Peng held talks with Ingraham.

bahamas china relationship

Ingraham and his entourage respectively. On June, the Hon. Minister of Culture Sun Jiazheng met with the delegation and gave a dinner in honor of the Minister. Apart from Beijing, the delegation also toured Shanghai, Suzhou and Xi'an.

Bahamas and China celebrate 20 Years of Diplomatic relations

On June, Mr. The delegation also exchanged views with local Chinese concerning affairs of overseas Chinese in general.

During the visit, Assistant Minister Yang held talks with Bahamian Foreign Minister Janet Bostwick, presented a draft proposal of a framework of preferential loan, and signed with Mrs. Bostwick, on behalf of their respective governments, a note concerning a grant aid provided by the Chinese Government to the Bahamian Government.

The leaders of our two countries have maintained continuous contacts.

bahamas china relationship

High-level visits promoted our mutual understanding and trust, and pointed the direction for development of bilateral relationship.

China and The Bahamas share same or similar positions on international affairs and maintain good communications and co-ordination on key regional and international issues.

Over the past 20 years, the mutually beneficial co-operation between China and The Bahamas has been fruitful.

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The two countries signed a series of agreements in fields of ocean shipping, investment, tax and tourism, which provide legal safeguard for bilateral co-operation. Over the past 20 years, cultural and people-to-people exchanges have bridged China and The Bahamas. The exchanges and co-operation in fields of education, culture, sports, health, media and tourism have been deepened continuously.

China has provided full government scholarships for nearly Bahamian young people and has funded hundreds of Bahamians to attend short-term training and degree programmes in China.

In the Confucius Institute, which was established jointly by China and the University of The Bahamas, Chinese language courses had been set up for local students to meet the demands of the Bahamian people who want to learn Chinese and understand China.

Bahamas–China relations

This is a special contribution to our bilateral cultural exchanges. The Bahamian art groups like Junkanoo troupes performed in China several times and were warmly welcomed by the Chinese people. Chinese acrobats, puppets and children art troupes also visited The Bahamas.

Under the Bright Journey Programme, the Chinese medical team of ophthalmologists came to The Bahamas twice to carry out free cataract surgeries for Bahamian patients. More than Bahamian people were enabled to see the light again and these activities were highly praised by the Bahamian government and people.

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Since the founding of the New China inThe Bahamas and China have enjoyed sustained high-level exchanges; stronger political mutual trust relished with closer cooperation. The goals of China's policy in The Bahamas: Is the promotion of mutual trust and respect built on shared ground.

bahamas china relationship

Deepen cooperation with the aim of achieving win-win results. Drawing on each other's strengths to boost joint progress and intensify exchanges. And The One-China principle which is the political basis for the establishment and development of relations between China and The Bahamas.

Those areas were developed to strengthen the communication and dialogue on core interest areas and common concerns. Currently, The Bahamas remains committed to the One-China policy and the position of supporting China's reunification and not having official ties or contacts with Taiwan. It is the intention of China in The Bahamas to exchange the consolidated experience of governance on a friendly political basis between The National People's Congress of China and the Bahamian parliament.

China will remain committed to the idea of exchanges between political parties in The Bahamas on the premise of independence, full equality, mutual respect and non-interference in each other's internal affairs to learn from each other, increase mutual understanding and friendship, and strengthen mutual trust and cooperation. The People's Republic of China will pursue a balanced two-way trade between the two countries with an open consideration of free trade agreements justified in the context of win-win cooperation.

The government of China will encourage Chinese companies with a good reputation to invest heavily in The Bahamas manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, fishing, energy, mineral resources, infrastructure, and service sector with the aim of promoting the economic and social good of both sides. Given the macroeconomic situation of The Bahamas and the financial pillar of the economy, Chinese commercial banks will set up branches in The Bahamas shortly.

China will promote its capabilities in The Bahamas agricultural industry through science and technology.