Ending a relationship with bipolar man

When You Leave Someone with a Mental Illness | Bipolar Burble Blog | Natasha Tracy

ending a relationship with bipolar man

Sometimes you have to leave a person with a mental illness, but this is never an easy decision. I am leaving a 20 year relationship with someone who is BP. Bipolar Disorder is a complex mental disorder that affects everyone in its path. Feel free to check out my book on relationships, Overcome Relationship. WebMD provides advice on bipolar disorder in romantic relationships, from dating to marriage. Whether you or your loved one has bipolar.

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Have him vandalize your home. Have him refuse treatment. Have him call the cops on you.

ending a relationship with bipolar man

Have him get addicted to drugs. Have him rage at you when they see you. Have him endanger your children. Only then can you start to judge the people who have lived this reality daily.

ending a relationship with bipolar man

Yes, some of those choices are deluded by illness, but we still choices: No one lives an entire life without the wherewithal to make a different choice. Ask anyone with a serious mental illness. And I share with you this sentiment that interventionists have shared with people dealing with drug addicts: By always offering a person with a mental illness a place to live, while they destroy their home and steal from you, you are enabling them not to have to take responsibility of their own lives.

By allowing the person with the mental illness to abuse you physically or emotionally, you are allowing the person not to have to take responsibility for their own actions.

ending a relationship with bipolar man

You are enabling their mental illness. You are part of the problem.

Bipolar & Relationships: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness which affects everything from social activity to mood. The instability caused by bipolar disorder can lead to very difficult breakups or falling outs, and is emotionally draining.

ending a relationship with bipolar man

When coping with the effects of bipolar disorder, the most important thing you can do is help your loved one find the help and treatment they need. This is the best way to support your partner, and to prevent more damage in the long run to the relationship as well as to the individual.

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How to Leave a Bipolar Relationship | Dating Tips

Report any threats, even if they are said lightly, or signs of self-abuse immediately. Find support and information. Speak to friends and family, especially your partner's family, if you are concerned about his mental health. Offer to help find a specialist, emphasizing your support and desire for your partner to get the help he needs so that he can become healthy.

If you continue to be in the relationship without seeking help, you are only enabling and worsening the negative effects of an untreated mental disorder.

Tell the friends and family of your loved one your intentions to leave, before you leave her. Ask them to be extra watchful for signs of destructive behavior, to be there to look after her and help in your absence.

ending a relationship with bipolar man

This might be hard to face up to, but making sure your partner has a network of support will prevent further damage.