Family relationship chart genealogy of jesus

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family relationship chart genealogy of jesus

Discover the family tree of Jesus Christ for free, and learn about their family both by blood relationship through Mary and by title through Mary's husband, bear. An interactive family tree of people named in the Bible beginning with Adam. There are various genealogies described in the Bible. Contents. 1 Genesis. Table of Nations; Family tree of Adam; Family tree of Abraham. 2 Genealogy of Jesus in the New Testament; 3 References; 4 External links.

In these cases, relationships with cousins or friends may be much more important to a family than the strictly biological relationships shown on a pedigree and if a genealogist is looking for information about a particular ancestor, failure to take these facts into account can result in failure to find valuable, genealogically pertinent information.

There is no completely acceptable definition of "kinship. Here is an example of a kinship chart using standard anthropological symbols: Imagine trying to visualize this family if the information were in a "traditional" genealogy program.

family relationship chart genealogy of jesus

There have been some attempts to diagram and even attempts to program these types of relationships but none have been adopted into the "mainstream" genealogy programs.

As I grew up, I had very little, if any, contact with certain family members. In some cases, I knew some of the reasons, but in many cases, I only learned the reasons after spending a considerable time gathering family records and reviewing those records.

The reasons for certain instances of lack of contact turned out to be complex.

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Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to reconstruct and even explain some of these relationship issues in the past. Sometimes we can only guess as to the reasons for lack of contact. As genealogical researchers, how do we approach these complex family relationships?

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In some instances, making a chart or diagram will help with understanding these issues, but in all cases, the research that is done must extend beyond the core family to include neighbors, friends and any individuals associated through the cultural definition of family. Here is one current example. Let's suppose the family we are researching contains one or more divorced family situations.

How do the present and now, divorced, family members interact with each other?

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Are the former in-laws included in family gatherings or excluded? Do the siblings of the divorced family member correspond with the former spouse and children? These issues can be become even more entangled and the degree of connection can vary from instance to instance. Although we may be painfully aware of these issues in our own immediate and living family, we seem to become inexplicably blind to these issues in our ancestors. Many researchers are firmly focused on a "brick wall" situation in their family line, but it has never occurred to them to widen their research to the entire extended family and include neighbors and friends.

In one situation from my own ancestors, one of my Tanner great-parents families lived in a very small town. In the same town there was another Tanner family. They were related but not closely. This genealogy starts with Jesus and follows his line up until God. There are 77 generations mentioned in total.

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In each of the two genealogies every name is different up until David with the exception of Joseph, Zorobabel and Salathiel. Therefore it is practically impossible to reconcile them by matching the persons and say, they are just listed by their different names as we've seen many times before in the Bible.

This suggests that the two genealogies do not trace the same lineage.

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Since you can trace a person's ancestors through their father, and also through their mother and the two genealogies should naturally be different it is easy to come to the conclusion that one of the two genealogies in the gospels must list Jesus' ancestors through his "father", while the other one lists them through his mother.

Matthew's genealogy Jesus was called the "son of David" in Mat 1: This son of David is Solomon, as we can read in 1Chr Only Matthew's genealogy mentions Solomon Salmon as well as the following kings after him, therefore we can see that this is the "royal line" and it shows the legal right to David's throne being passed down all the way to Joseph who adopted Jesus, thus making him the heir of David's kingdom. Since the right to the kingdom always passes from the father to the son, we can conclude that Matthew's genealogy lists Jesus' ancestors through his "father", Joseph.

family relationship chart genealogy of jesus

Luke's genealogy Based on the previous facts, Luke's genealogy must list Jesus' ancestors through his mother: Considering the fact that by the Jewish tradition women are never listed in the genealogical links, it is acceptable that Luke lists Joseph instead of Mary as he was the "father" of Jesus and thus Luke names Joseph as son of Heli.

Further, since Heli had no sons but only daughters, we can find a precedent of the same type of name substitution in Num

family relationship chart genealogy of jesus