Kingone wang relationship problems

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kingone wang relationship problems

Devil Beside You is a Taiwanese drama starring Mike He, Rainie Yang and Kingone Wang. Yuan Yi happens to see them kissing and confronts their relationship, Ah Mon yells at Yuan Yi, saying that . Since this is going to be a problem for the family, her mother decides that they will have to move out of the house. Why Why Love is a Taiwanese Drama starring Rainie Yang, Mike He and Kingone Wang. Followed by, Sweet Relationship (美味關係). Related Huo Yan agrees to undergo the transplant despite his heart problems. Viewers are led . It feels like it was just yesterday when Kingone Wang concluded his and his closest friends and family face their problems and deal with loss.

After Qi Yue walks away in tears, Ah Mon has a strong feeling of guilt. Yuan Yi regrets not believing in Qi Yue and returns to her, asking her out on a date. Qi Yue agrees happily. On their first date, they met Ah Mon again. Qi Yue and Ah Mon have some misunderstandings and they went separate ways.

After the date, Qi Yue left for home. After she took her bath, she fainted and was saved by Ah Mon's father. He brings her to his house to take care of her while her mom was away on a trip. Ah Mon and Qi Yue meet again at his house. She knows from Yuan Yi that she has misunderstood Ah Mon again. Seeing Ah Mon has injured his hand, she offers to clean the wounds for him.

Sitting on Ah Mon's bed and putting medicine on his hand, she realizes Ah Mon is staring at her intensely and this makes her heart pound. Qi Yue wakes up and finds herself sleeping on Ah Mon's bed.

Apparently, both have fallen asleep and Ah Mon's father has carried her to his bed.

kingone wang relationship problems

Qi Yue finally realizes that the person she likes is Ah Mon. She tells Yuan Yi the truth and walks away. In the evening, she sits alone at the playground, crying softly to herself for hurting Yuan Yi. Ah Mon finds her and comforts her. She takes a ride on Ah Mon's bicycle.

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They had a minor accident and both fell on the road, unharmed. Qi Yue asks Ah Mon why is it always so dangerous to be with him. Ah Mon replies her that he cannot stop the dangers but he will protect her. Ah Mon kisses Qi Yue passionately on the road.

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Due to their relationship as future step siblings, they keep their romantic relationship in the dark. At the school's rooftop, he ambushes Qi Yue and wants to kill her.

He beats up Yang Ping and brings Qi Yue home. At home, Qi Yue confesses her liking to Ah Mon and he hugs her, saying that he is happy to know that she likes him. One fine day, a sweet-looking boy comes to Qi Yue and confesses his liking for her. This shocks Qi Yue and her whole class as he storms into her class and tells her that he likes her and wants her to convey a message to her boyfriend that he wants Qi Yue for himself. His name is Ah Rang.

Yuan Yi casually mentions this to Ah Mon and he storms away in anger. In the evening, he tells Qi Yue that nobody is more confident than he is in liking her and she belongs to him only. Qi Yue smiles at his possessiveness.

Ah Mon grabs Qi Yue's arm and walks away. He does not want to talk about his brother at all. Ah Rang is actually harmless, and his only intention is to attract Ah Mon's attention.

He longs for his brother's affection. Both brothers patch up. I get that he loves her, that he wants to be with her, and that he wants to take care of her for the rest of her life.

Is that not a serial-killer-style creepiness? That would be a cool show. Anyways, sorry — off tangent — back to this drama. So they get married. While she was in a coma. And he brings her home to take care of her… okay. But then it leads to the MOST. She just… wakes up.

Completely fine after being in a coma for a few months. Walks out of the room without notifying anyone Zhan Cheng was sleeping on a sofa beside her. Sees the video of her marriage and sees the ring on her finger. Then the scene ends. Zhan Cheng wakes up, finds her gone, anxiously searches for her, sees her outside, and calmly joins her.

She just woke up from a coma! She needs to be medically checked! I mean, I have no knowledge or expertise in this area, but if someone I knew woke up from a coma, the first thing I would do is get a doctor and check on this person to make sure everything is okay. It was just very calm and anti-climatic. I mean, the audience and the characters in the drama were waiting for months for her to wake up… and she just woke up like that? It was very unsatisfying to me. Then everything gets settled and the couple lives happily ever after sailing into the sunset, literally they were off to their honeymoon.

With consent and knowledge. They have great on-screen chemistry.

kingone wang relationship problems

I appreciate how well he knows her, and just how thoughtful and understanding he is with her. He is incredibly smart, observant, and persistent. I love that in a man. She is very bubbly, joyful, and selfless. She is always looking out for other people and is extremely kind. Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi are very compatible with each other because they always push each other to be the best person they can be.

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Personally, I believe that the purpose of her character in this drama is to not cause friction and doubt between the main couple, but to provide closure for them. In fact, it just confirmed his feelings for Yu Xi and makes him want her more. Their relationship was weirdly twisted but interesting and somewhat compatible.

Because the thing was, I believe that they like each other, but they present themselves strongly as just friends because they respect and care for each other. They truly believe that they cannot and will not be together.