Mana khemia how to get vayne ending a relationship

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mana khemia how to get vayne ending a relationship

A Mana Khemia fic, what happened after Jessica's Ending.. UPDATED! R&R please XD Jess and Vayne's relationship after Jessica's Ending. I just wrote it And still find nothing to cure her completely. His mind flied to the. Vayne ponders over the state of his relationship with Roxis. he could barely remember what started it,only that in the end Roxis has called him a child and left the workshop. 'Just when I thought we were starting to get along. First they go to the Student Affairs Center and they meet The Pricipal. Depending on his relationship with others, he will either continue to live on knowing that In all the good endings, Vayne eventually saves his friends and the school by.

English Sulpher is Vayne and Mana's companion who transforms into Vayne's weapon in combat. Sulpher normally takes on the form of an arm-mounted blade with a red eye, but can change his shape to perform other attacks. Sulpher is apathetic, rude, and seemingly unimpressed by everything. He traveled alongside Theofratus until the day he died, then became friends with Vayne.

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He could talk with Vayne, but he now cannot since Vayne has lost his powers. In fact, Sulpher is not a Mana, he is a normal cat. Vayne is the Mana while Sulpher himself is the contractor, able to take the forms he does simply because Vayne wishes it.

mana khemia how to get vayne ending a relationship

She is less pleasant than the other teachers, often giving out more difficult assignments. She is a graduate of Al-Revis and was classmates with Zeppel.

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While Zeppel is the laid back teacher, Isolde is much more serious. She cares for Vayne while on the other hand hates him for killing Theofratus.

He found Vayne in the mountains and invited him to the academy. Mitsuaki Madono Japanese ; Derek Stephen Prince English An older student at the academy who is exclusively seen with Renee, Madono seems to be the less powerful of the two.

He hates Gunnar with a passion, and considers him his rival. However, his attempts to defeat him, and the main party, are usually met by exasperation.

mana khemia how to get vayne ending a relationship

He angers easily, which makes his speech deteriorate, and causes him to him make rash decisions. He is ordered by Isolde to watch over Vayne. He returns to the academy in Mana Khemia 2 to become a full-time teacher, if only to continue his grudge against Gunnar.

The ingredient is Huffin, they must find Huffin in The Hiegths. When they arrived at The Hieghts, Roxis stands right in front of them.

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Roxis stopped them to go to the Huffin Tree. He challange Vayne in a battle and Roxis lose. Short storythere are 5 people that joined Vayne's party. The new member is: Vayne's friend is really important to him and Vayne will do anything to make them happy. As an Artificial Mana, he is the Mana of Wishes, able to grant the wishes of someone, even if it means to kill another.

He wields great power, which Isolde fears and detests, but he is unaware of that. With his powers, unconsciously he can perform miracles, such as when he and his friends fought the Great Beast in Heaven's Road, with his powers he weakened the beast until the party can slay it.

mana khemia how to get vayne ending a relationship

His powers were so great that he can return the dead to living realm, simply by making a wish. His attribute is Dragon Striker, making him very advantageous against dragon enemies. In Battle Edit Vayne is a very balanced character.

However, his repertoire is all composed of physical attacks, making him a very efficient striker since he has balanced HP and MP cap. He can be a magic user via common skills obtained from synthesizing his weapons, armors and accessories too, but that would not be very neccessary since Jess is a very good at magic, able to best him in every aspect of magic, making Jess a more suitable mage candidate than Vayne.