Paranormal activity 2 tokyo night ending relationship

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paranormal activity 2 tokyo night ending relationship

"Toby" is the demonic entity from the Paranormal Activity movies, and the main Ones Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night In Paranormal Activity 3, Toby at first maintained a friendly relationship with later reaction and footage from Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity 2. The boxes contain old VHS tapes which Katie says she ended up with after Hunter starts waking up in the night, first he is crying but soon he seems . paranormal-activity-the-marked-ones-movie . paranormal-activitynot release of part 2 witch is called: Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night ()—. Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night (Japanese: パラノーマル・アクティビティ 第2章 TOKYO NIGHT, Hepburn: . Some versions don't have the text in the end.

Kristi runs across the bedroom unimpeded but Katie—who is right behind her—slams into something with an audible thump.

Shortly afterwards, it lifts Katie off the ground by her hair. In the third movie, an earthquake causes bits of dust and plaster to fall on the demon, revealing its outline. A second later it all falls to the ground as if nothing was there. Then in the fourth movie, there's the mother who backs-up into Toby. Toby is not pleased. Played to its fullest effect to turn a Haunted House story into one of the most terrifying horror films in recent memory. The fact that it is never properly shown on-screen until the sixth movie, at least doesn't make it any less terrifying.

The shit it does is what a schoolyard bully or an older brother would do Micah, out of a combination of selfish curiosity and being Too Dumb to Live. Dan in Paranormal Activity 2, particularly when you find out his ultimate solution to the haunting.

Many and varied, although the trope is subverted on a few occasions - the attic scene in 1, for example, is set up so that the audience is expecting something to jump out at Micah, but it never does. Except for Katie, who became the demon's host, Ali and maybe Abby who was not in the house when all goes to hell, Hunter, who was abducted by possessed-Katie, Randy, who got the hell out of dodge, the babysitter, who also got out while she still could, the sisters' grandma Lois, who was the mastermind of the whole thing although she does die offscreen, presumably of old ageHunter and Leila, who fall under Toby's influence, and several other minor characters.

By the time of the fourth film, it's pretty much common knowledge and even included in the synopsis that Katie becomes the demon's host and abducts Hunter five years prior. Leave the Camera Running: Arguably the whole movie is this trope taken to extremes; entire nights are shown on fast-forward for the sake of a minute or two of action.

Justified in the second film, as it's filmed through security cameras. However, the film purposefully repeats the same angles front door, pool, kitchen, living room, front door, Hunter's room for the first batch of nights, both to imitate security TV footage and to screw with the viewer.

Used too much in the third film. At times, Dennis is recording himself reviewing video footage. Then, toward the end, when they're at the grandmother's house, he sets up the camera in the bedroom when he has no reason to believe a ghost has followed them. Then, when the shit hits the fan, he carries the camera around with him, even picking it up when he drops it when he's in danger. Given the nature of people and their camera phones now a days, he was really just before his time.

And to be fair, the house is dark and he's essentially using the camera as a flashlight. For the fourth film, they introduce the camera phone and laptop. During the ending of 2, possessed-Katie can be seen standing behind Dan without his knowledge. During the ending of 3, Lois is standing in the darkness, just watching Dennis, as he retrieves the camera in the bedroom.

A notorious example, the Minimalist Cast notwithstanding. As mentioned above, most of the series is set in California, one of the most cosmopolitan regions on earth, and yet four of the six films in the series have casts as white as snow. Plus, the remaining two feature exactly one kind of minority, namely Latinos, but it's still quite refreshing following an all-Latino main characters in The Marked Ones after seeing four consecutive films set in pearly-white neighborhoods there are whites in TMO, but they're supporting characters.

When the demon is present and active, a low, ominous, ambient rumbling can be heardwhich can get pretty loud when its getting serious. Possessed-Katie snaps Dan's neck in 2.

In 3, the demon snaps Dennis' neck and back, commando-style.

paranormal activity 2 tokyo night ending relationship

Happens again in 4 when Possessed-Katie kills Ben at the computer, and in The Ghost Dimension when the now-corporeal Toby strangles Emily before snapping her neck. Never Trust a Trailer: In the final frame of one trailer for 2, you can see the family dog in Hunter's room barking at something unseen in the doorway. The crib is empty, however creepily enough in the mirror's reflection you can see baby Hunter standing in it. This never happens in the film. This also doesn't happen in the film.

Also in 2's trailer, there is a part where the chair in Hunter's room begins to rock on its own, and a scene where Katie's silhouette suddenly appears in the doorway. Neither of these things happen in the film. Trailers for the third movie feature a number of clips that never happen in the movie: Julie being pulled into her bedroom and the doors slamming shut behind her, Katie and Kristi huddling in a corner in the kitchen, their house on fire, et cetera.

The teaser for the third film featured the girls invoking Bloody Mary in their bathroom. The scene does happen, but with completely different characters. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Where do we start? In the first film, the psychic who stops by near the beginning says that, when dealing with a demon, there are three things you should never do, as they give the demon more power: Over the course of the film, Micah repeatedly attempts to communicate with and taunts the demon, against Katie's wishes; as a result, their relationship begins to deteriorate, which of course leads to negative emotions all around.

By the time the psychic returns, it's gotten so bad, he bailed outsuggesting the couple do the same. Of course, they had to stay one more day In a more subtle example from the first film, Katie, practically catatonic and in the very last stages of her humanity, is found by Micah clutching a crucifix. Micah later burns it along with the photo discovered in the attic.

In the commentary, Oren Peli states that the crucifix, although having little effect on the demon, was the last thing to just barely keep her safe from it. In the second film, Dan fires Martine, whose smoking candle ritual actually did seem to be able to keep the demon at bay listen to the familiar ambient noise.

Dennis in 3 is one of the only characters who seems Genre Savvy and tries to figure out what the hell's going on without causing problems.

Randy, on the other hand, just gets out while he still can. The same can probably be said about the babysitter. Julie was the one who took up the Idiot Ball. They also practically delivered the kids to the masterminds of the whole thing, but that's excusable, since they had no way of knowing Julie's mom was behind the whole thing, and it also seems that the demon deliberately encouraged them to leave the house in the first place.

Those possessed by the demon occasionally take on demonic facial features. Taken Up to Eleven during the ending of the fourth film. The demon itself has an inhuman face with features that are vaguely skeletal. As mentioned at the beginning of 3, Lois passed away some time ago - unfortunately, the curse she started is still active. The majority of each film's content. From the first film: The fact that the demon is never shown or heard aside from a few examples of Visible Invisibility and the odd vocal noise, such as growling or faint whispering.

Those possessed by the demon appear to be capable of this. Implied for the demon; it most likely burned down Katie's childhood home, and then sets fire to an Ouija board for no reason other than to be terrifying.

The extended version of the second film includes a scene where the stove is turned on and soon engulfs a pan in flames. Paranormal Activity 2 is actually this instead of a sequel, as many believed; Katie even drops a Red Herring early on when she says that "Micah wasn't up for hanging out today".

Every night-time event takes place before the first movie, except for the last five minutes of the film. The third movie takes place eighteen years before the first two. There are several references in the first film to a demonologist named Dr. Johan Averies who never actually appears in the movie, mostly thanks to Micah. With the greater understanding of what the demon wants following the second film, the entire what-happened-to-Diane subplot of the first film is implied to be more-or-less a fakeout by the demon.

In the first movie, Micah makes an off-hand joke that Katie's mother shouldn't visit them any more, despite that we later learn she's been dead for years. Also, it was established in the first movie that the demon has been following Katie for years and was implied to have haunted her before, yet the second film has Dan foist the demon upon Katie via a curse as an explanation as to why she is haunted in the first film.

There is also no indication that Katie has a sister or that the demon wants anything more than Katie herself. Most egregiously, the burned photograph in the first movie is very clearly implied to have burned in the house fire during Katie's childhood, with her even saying she hasn't seen the photo in 15 years and that its existence should be impossible.

Yet in the second movie, the photo is in Kristi's house and it is Dan who burns it. Screw This, I'm Outta Here! Fredrichs in his last scene in 1. He enters the house, reads the metaphysical writing on the wall, stays long enough to dash their remaining hopes, then gets the fuck out. Both Randy and the babysitter in 3 promptly leave after being terrified by the demon. Randy urges Dennis to watch the tape and realizes that he's out of his damn league on this one.

Just before Possessed-Katie lunges at the camera in 1's theatrical ending, she sports an ear-to-ear smile. Her smile when she's laying on the bed after her Voice of the Legion kicks in may also qualify as she is smiling for all the wrong reasons. The fully-formed demon in The Ghost Dimension flashes an evil grin at least once at the camera.

Apparently Katie and Kristi have always known of the demon, but just refused to acknowledge it. The third film implies that a demonic cult has been tampering with their memories for hell knows how long throughout their childhoods. The over-arcing story is told in this fashion.

A Brief History of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY – The 13th Floor

Each movie reveals a little bit more and the only way you get any idea of what's going on is the watch them all. The first movie introduces Katie and the demon, the two central figures of the haunting. The second film reveals why the demon went after Katie, expands upon Katie's family, and gives the first few hints about the source of the haunting. The third movie more-or-less confirms the source of the hauntings, reveals what happened to Katie and Kristi's parents, and shows where this whole thing started.

The fourth film then explores on the fates of Katie and Hunter, while the fifth film reveals the Coven and Toby's endgame. The spin-off film The Marked Ones shows how widespread the Witches Covenant is and how others besides Katie are marked for possession by the demon.

paranormal activity 2 tokyo night ending relationship

Those possessed by the demon gain greatly increased strength. Katie, for example, is able to throw Micah's body across the bedroom after heaving it all the way upstairssnap Dan and Ben's necks with ease, and send Kristi flying with a single shove an act which also kills the latter. In The Marked Ones, Jesse unwittingly sends some would-be muggers flying after hitting out at them, and later stops a shopkeeper's baseball bat mid-swing with his hand.

Lots of the scariest nighttime segments are in trailers, not to mention the Camera Abuse ending. Completely averted with the third film, in that a majority of the scenes in trailers and commercials aren't in the actual movie.

Half-Life 2's original box was filled with screenshots, but not a single one of them was in-game. Unfortunately, a commercial advertising a showing of the third film on the FXX network played it completely straight, spoiling Lois killing Dennis.

One of the screenshots on back of the DVD of Paranormal Activity 2 is a possessed Katie lurking ominously behind Dan, spoiling part of the ending, as well as the general fact that the film shifts from being a prequel to a semi-sequel.

Despite their face being semi-obscured in darkness, anyone who's seen the first movie would easily figure out who this is and when this scene happens in the chronology, both due to the clothing worn by the character in question. Just look at those posters. Invoked by Micah in 1, who spreads talcum powder all over the upstairs floor to catch the demon's footprints. Sometimes the demon casts a shadow. In the third film, dust from an earthquake briefly settles on the demon's body.

In 4, the Kinect's tracking dots show the demon. Each time the demon's appearance is teased to the audienceit seems to take a different form each time. In 1, it leaves bird-like footprints.


In 3, it appears to have an adult, humanoid form. In 4, it resembles a human child. In Ghost Dimension its finally shown that the demon's true shape starts out as a swirly mass of dark energy tendrils that can configure itself into whatever shape it wants, but tends to prefer a Humanoid Abomination shape taller than a human being.

White Shirt of Death: After Katie becomes possessed and kills Micah, his blood is splattered over her light-coloured pyjamas. She is still wearing them when she returns to Dan and Kristi's house the following night. Paranormal Activity Tropes applying to the first Paranormal Activity: An Arm and a Leg: If one pauses the movie to read the article about the Diane Mercer caseit states that the possessed Diane gnawed her own arm off while restrained.

Additionally, a quick shot of the grisly damage is visible for a second or two when Katie and Micah watch the video footage of her exorcism. Let's be honest, does anyone like Micah?

Micah goes out of his way to antagonize an invisible demon. The ending has Micah's body being thrown at the camera, knocking it off its tripod. The audience sees Micah wielding a butcher knife near the beginning of the film, and in the original cut this became important later, but the edited ending excises it. When the demon damages Katie and Micah's photo during the day, you know things have gotten out of hand. Micah promises not to buy a Ouija board. So, he borrows one instead.

Great lengths are taken to show how much of a violation of trust it would be to pull this trope on someone. The footsteps of the demon 'walking' down the hall during the preliminary hauntings turn out to mirror the shuffling noises we hear just before the Jump Scare in the last scene. During one night, the demon "tests" its possession of Katie - the familiar rumbling noise when Micah is talking to Katie on the swing is a further hint that she is not herself. The final day takes this Up to Eleven.

In addition, during the first scene in which this happens, Katie's shadow moves towards the door by itself. The damage to the photo of Katie and Micah - Micah's face is scratched, Katie's isn't. On the final night, Micah is killed by the demon. Near the start, Micah does a "slash the throat" motion towards the camera when talking about how to "respond appropriately" to what's going on.

In the one of the alternate endings, Katie slashes her own throat. Early on, when Dr. Fredrichs is at the house, he says that there may have been some kind of trigger for the supernatural events plaguing Katie to suddenly start occurring again.

In 2, we find out it was due to Dan cursing Katie to save his family. Just before the now possessed Katie lunges at the camerashe stares directly into it while sporting a truly unsettling Psychotic Smirk.

Towards the end, Katie has a tearful breakdown after Micah yells at her for bringing the demon into the house. The first time Katie gets out of bed and stands motionless in one spot, look carefully at the shadow she's casting. It starts to move towards the hallway about a second before she does. From Bad to Worse: This film can be summarized with, "Boyfriend and girlfriend hear noises. Micah is seen flipping through a book on demons, which features an article on Baphomet - in actuality this was a medieval European swipe at Muslims Baphomet - Mahometand supposedly the 'demon' worshipped by the Knights Templar.

In real life, Baphomet is often mistaken to be a demonso it's likely the fault of the book's author, not necessarily the film makers. Much of the dialogue was unscripted, with Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat improvising most of it. Also, in some scenes, they weren't told when anything scary was about to happen in order to get a genuine reaction out of them. It's All About Me: Micah is more concerned about the demon haunting what he considers his than for Katie's safety.

In the end when the hauntings have begun to truly take their toll on Katie's emotional well being he grows our of it. It Is Pronounced Tropay: Interestingly, it's pronounced "MEE-kuh" instead of the more common at least in the U. Micah constantly disrespects Katie's wishes and doesn't really take her concerns seriously, constantly tries to antagonise the demon, and is pretty rude to Dr.

Paranormal Activity: the Whole Series Explained

By the time he realises just how bad things have gotten, it's sadly too late. The ending, in which Micah's body is thrown at the camera, especially with his body suddenly appearing out of the darkness. At one point, Katie and Micah wake up during the night, thinking they can hear strange noises. They sit upright, listening intently The psychic is only onscreen for a couple of minutes, but in that time he clearly explains what has been happening, what's happening now and what's going to happen until the movie is over.

Needless to say, Micah and Katie but mainly Micah ignore his advice. As the paranormal encounters get worse throughout the movie Katie becomes more and more emotionally unstable. At the very end of the film, Katie's face becomes noticeably more demonic as she lunges at the camera. Now You Tell Me: Katie didn't bother telling Micah that she's had a demon spirit bugging her for most of her life until she moved in with him.

She retorts that it'd make her seem absolutely insane if she gave out such info on the first date, which he then counters with the fact she could've told him just before living together.

paranormal activity 2 tokyo night ending relationship

The movie has three endings. The theatrical version is the canon one. Fredrichs telling Katie that there may have been some kind of trigger for the demon to start harassing her again takes on a whole new meaning after watching 2.

The ending has some extra meaning to it after watching the ending of The Marked Ones. In the original European mythology, demons were depicted as having as the feet of birds, and bird footprints show up in the talcum powder Micah sprinkles on the floor. They were given cloven hooves when the Church attempted to demonize pagan gods like Pan. What is your favourite color? Possessed-Katie slits her own throat in one of the alternate endings.

Too Dumb to Live: Micah decides to spread talcum powder around, buy a Ouija board, and yells at the demon to do its worst. And to top it all off, he takes Katie's crucifix, the one thing remaining that could've given her any protection from the demon, and throws it in the fireplace.

By the time he realises that antagonising the demon is a bad idea, it's already too late. Took a Level in Kindness: Micah, but only at the very, very, VERY end.

At one point, the demon can be heard whispering very faintly, something the camera is able to pick up. Micah listens to it over and over again, but doesn't recognise the language. Voice of the Legion: According to Word of Godthe bird-like footprints shown are not necessarily indicative of the demon's true form. It just simply chooses the footprints to appear that way. Paranormal Activity 2 Tropes applying to Paranormal Activity 2: Dan until the very end where he saves the day.

Then again, his actions result in Katie being possessed, and Micah, Kristi and himself all dead. Kristi's been the only character so far who has been able to fight off the demon's dragging ability even it was only for a little bit. Dan managed to fight off his demonic wife and he won. Dan rescuing Hunter from a demonic Kristi. Most of Martine's dialogue is in unsubtitled Spanish. Also, a creepy example lies in the marks that possessed-Kristi scratches into the basement door.

Particularly the marks that form a single word: Plot[ edit ] Induring a stay in San DiegoCaliforniaJapanese student Haruka Yamano Noriko Aoyama is involved in a car accident that breaks both of her legs and cutting her trip short and she returns to her home in Tokyo, Japan.

  • Paranormal Activity series

Shortly after her return, Shigeyuki Kazuyoshi Tsumuraher father, leaves for a business trip abroad in Singaporeleaving her with her year-old, younger brother Koichi Aoi Nakamura. Haruka discovers one morning that her wheelchair has moved despite the wheels being locked.

Koichi suspects it to be a paranormal force and places a mound of salt in Haruka's room, filming it without her knowledge. The next morning the salt is scattered and while reviewing the film they see the salt scatter with no visible means.

Koichi begins to investigate further by filming Haruka sleep, though she disapproves and eventually insists he grow up and stop believing in supernatural nonsense until a drinking glass breaks during dinner. Reluctantly, Haruka lets Koichi film her during the night again, this time recording the curtain beside her bed moving and the blanket being pulled from the bed. Misuzu remarks feeling a strange presence at the Yamanos' house and Koichi asks if she can investigate the demon haunting Haruka.

After examining Haruka's room, Misuzu claims she has never felt a presence like this before and suddenly plugs her ears, screaming and foaming at the mouth, and quickly leaves. Through the internet Koichi finds and contacts a Shinto priest to perform a purification ceremony. That night while doing homework Koichi is alerted to the presence of someone in the house, on the first floor. He goes to investigate and finds ceiling lamps flickering and very loud music blaring from the radio in the living room.

The Shinto priest arrives to their house to perform the purification ceremony. The priest tells them the presence has likely settled down and assures the two that they have nothing to fear. The following nights progresses with no incidents. After a couple of days, Shigeyuki returns home from his business trip. On night 12, Haruka's wheelchair moves towards the camera and cuts it off. Haruka and Koichi review the footage and realize that the presence has not gone.

Koichi tries contacting the Shinto priest but is told the priest died of a heart attack after leaving them. The next night, the events worsen when Haruka is violently dragged out of bed by her hair by a force she believes to be under her bed.

The two siblings consider leaving the house. Haruka tries to contact Shigeyuki but he is not answering his cellphone.