Siblings relationship in islam

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siblings relationship in islam

Providing a comprehensive view of Islam and Muslims to cultivate From this aspect, keeping tabs on the relations between siblings and. Brothers and sisters are among the relatives with whom Islam commands us to uphold ties. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of. It is not lawful for a Muslim to stop talking to his brother (Muslim) for more ties is the one who does so even if they break off the relationship.

This is the type of jealousy that is so strongly condemned in Islam. Says the Holy Prophet S: Beware of jealousy; for jealousy eats good deeds the way fire eats wood. It is not abnormal for children to feel jealous of one another. The aim of parents should be to control it and keep it within appropriate limits.

It cannot be totally eliminated. When confronted with the achievement of a sibling, many children perceive it as a threat.

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They are afraid of losing their status. Success of a sibling could result in unfavorable comparisons, greater expectations and lower respect for themselves, both at home and outside. Although this could be entirely imaginary and blown out of proportion, it is necessary to understand why children react as they do.

Most sibling rivalry stems from the perceived loss of parental love and respect. Children wish to have the greatest share of their parents love and attention. When siblings take it away from them, even temporarily, it becomes greatly upsetting. Only time and maturity helps the child understand that this loss is only imagined and not real.

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An important point to consider is that it is sometimes possible for a parent to love one child more than another. It could be because of certain qualities the child possesses.

The parent has to be very careful, however, not to display this inclination. It could result in greater jealousy. T he brothers of Prophet Yusuf a thought their father loved him more than he loved them.

That could have been because he was one of the youngest sons, or because his mother had passed away. Whatever the reason, the brothers of Yusuf felt threatened and resorted to throwing him in the well. The Holy Prophet S always emphasized that children should be treated equally. The sixth Imam a is reported to have said that he felt more inclined towards some of his children, but he purposely displayed more affection to the others.

Position in danger When a new baby is born in the family, the child who was the youngest or the only one feels threatened. This is especially true of younger children who cannot understand that the parents have enough love for all their children. The demands of a new-born are often misunderstood. In such a situation the feeling of sibling rivalry can be reduced through the following ways. Prepare him and involve him in the preparations for the new arrival. It could become a very exciting event if handled properly.

The child will begin to feel attached to the baby before it comes, and will await the arrival anxiously.

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He could carry out minor chores according to his age, such as bringing diapers, holding the towel, etc. Aware of the feelings of the other brothers toward Joseph, Jacob feared they would try to harm him. So he told him, "0 my son! Do not relate your dream to your brothers, lest out of envy they devise a scheme against you. For Satan is a manifest enemy to humankind and can incite them to do such a thing " Yusuf The Qur'an goes on to describe the plan the brothers hatched, a terrible example of just how far jealousy between siblings can go: Advertisement When they the brothers addressing one another said, "Joseph and his brother are indeed more loved by our father than we are, even though we are a powerful band of greater use to him.

Surely, our father is manifestly mistaken. From this aspect, keeping tabs on the relations between siblings and keeping their bickering under control can be a very difficult task for a family.

Undeniably, jealousy is an emotion that is embedded in human nature. The important thing is to prevent this negative element from causing damage to children and their environment.

siblings relationship in islam

The way to do this is to channel these tendencies toward the positive with self-discipline. It is difficult to put forward any general, practically feasible solutions for such situations, as they are very sensitive and complex.

siblings relationship in islam

It is of course necessary, in principle, for parents to listen to children, try to understand the reasons for their behavior, and examine their own attitudes and approaches. Parents should develop the ability to see situations and conditions from their children's perspective. Other things parents can do to neutralize jealousy are to prepare games that will help children spend their physical and emotional energy in positive ways and to praise children when they get along well and have fun together.

Here are a few more tips: They are your shoulder to cry on and the voice of reason when you are struggling to see things clearly. Role model and motivation We all look up to people in our lives that have achieved something great. We want to copy and achieve something similar. The blessing of having siblings is that you see someone who has had similar opportunities as you hit new heights: You share these life events and have a first-hand experience of the struggles your siblings experienced to achieve such things.

Intellectual growth Research has shown that children who grow up with siblings do better in their intellectual growth patterns than those without the continuous stimulus of siblings.

Jealousy and rivalry among siblings

Brothers and sisters are a daily source of interaction, conversation and debate. Younger siblings pick up words, ideas and actions simply by imitating what they see.

Elder siblings are given the opportunity to teach whatever they know to their brothers and sisters. This is an immense blessing as these interactions play a role in the development of an individual and will continue to manifest as a person progresses through adulthood. Someone to assist It is well known that helping another Muslim is an act of charity. Be it smiling at them or aiding them, any form of kindness an act of worship in the eyes of Allah.

It is narrated that the Prophet Muhammad said: If anyone makes it easy for the one who is indebted to him while finding it difficult to repayAllah will make it easy for him in this worldly life and in the Hereafter, and if anyone conceals the faults of a Muslim, Allah will conceal his faults in this world and in the Hereafter.