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She turned down Torian because she really wanted some Mako action. Mako actually starts to talk about dating Torian if you turn him down. Torian Cadera is a Human Mandalorian male companion for the Bounty Hunter. As a result, Torian's relationship with his fellow Mandalorians is complicated, and he's gain the trust of Mandalore the Avenger herself, earning him a place by her side. Torian Cadera and Mako stuck together the longest, though when . and Corbin Cadera, son of Torian Cadera, attempt to complete their Verd'goten , Published: Jun 21, - Mako, Torian Cadera, Bounty H., OC - Complete.

At least it is equal opportunity racism for you! But that visual aspect, while saddening, is basically taken as a given when one decides to play a video game. SWTOR is a perfect case study in this aspect. Yes, they are optional. In fact, you can play through the entire game as celibate hero who never ever flirts. But they are a perfect mirror of gender expectations in much of the Star Wars universe, and they are fairly unsettling, to be honest.

Male Approaches; Female Is Approached It is certainly OK to start your buisness chat this way… Before I dive into more specific examples, I want to briefly talk about some overall trends in the romance writing. If you play a male player character PC from here on out, you have plenty of options to initiate flirting, while also plenty of options to avoid it.

You can be nice and not flirtatious. With a female PC… not so much.

Torian Cadera

The same moment, male PC. The same options that were innocent for your male counterpart have now become flirtatious ones. All approaches the game throws at you are extremely callous and irritating.

These trends are present in all the PC romance options, some worse than others. The vanilla version of the game has twenty romance options, not counting short flirt-flings and one-night stands. But what they have in multitude, they lack in diversity. Male PCs usually have a choice between type 1 and type 3. Female PCs have only one option, though iirc some of them can flirt with one more companion, but to no success. And while at least some of those options can be quite nice and enjoyable, the general pattern is a bit disturbing.

They are not persons, they are tropes made alive. The others, on the other hand… Type 1: Older Male vs Younger Female A companion character is not necessarily a dependent character. A younger girl is not always vulnerable and can in fact be quite proactive and wield lots of agency.

But in this game, Type 1 romance is always about a vulnerable younger girl who is in strictly subordinate position towards an older man who romances her. Their story is to lose a parent figure, then become an apprentice to your PC. They eventually give in to his constant advances, and then marry him despite all the problems it may cause.

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Then most of them become grass widows: And according to in-game information, they still love their absent husbands and stay true to them. Examples While most consider Vette to be the worst example in this domain, I tend to disagree. First, to romance her properly the PC has to befriend her. He has to do everything to lessen the status gap between them, he has to treat her as his equal. While nowadays, due to unfortunate changes in game mechanics, one can find a way around the original quest sequence and complete her romance as a brutal slave master, it was not the intended story.

Second, while she really is a slave in mercy of your Sith Warrior, she has enough agency to assert herself and enough maturity not to make your PC feel like a predator. Unfortunately, Vette is his sex slave in all but name. Despite all the sincere efforts to counteract it with the theme of friendship and erasing the gap, she stays his slave by the law for entire game until he marries her.

Yes, he can release her in the beginning, but it is only between them. It is not a legal manumission. But it is less unsettling than, for example, relationship with Mako.

The girl is sixteen. She continues to suffer from losses in course of the story, and at last the Bounty Hunter PC becomes her only living friend. Then she at last gives up to his demands and agrees to marry him, despite being very much against the idea before.

But at least the narrative sort of pities her for having it the worst. Other girls are not that lucky. Bonus Point Do you want something really icky?

should be ok right? (possible spoilers? but not really any)

Just so she has a gifted child who may become a Jedi. Needless to say, the young mother stays behind and nothing is said about about either her or your child ever again. Protective Male A protective male character is not always a nagging, meddling, person who wants you shut in the kitchen. To initiate romance with him, your PC should react positively to his extremely sexist remarks and bear with his constant urge to mansplain something obvious to you.

As he is the only option available, it is either take it or stay celibate. The prize is certainly worth it: He treats them even more like shit now, but it is certainly no problem. He respects your PC, after all. Though you may find some consolation in the fact that they are mostly left behind, too. When the title of Mandalore was passed to the warrior Artusthe clans were called on to unite and fight alongside the Sith Empire. Mandalore was ultimately victorious over the elder Cadera and his rebels.

Now Torian, the son, travels the galaxy in search of his father so that he may finally rid himself of the stain on his honor, and be accepted fully into Mandalorian society once more. Knights of the Fallen Empire "Loyalty, honor, tradition: Torian Cadera embodies the Mandalorian ideals. He serves his leaders with a fierce allegiance, yet the shadow of his father's defection to the Republic has hung over him for most of his life.

As a result, Torian's relationship with his fellow Mandalorians is complicated, and he's had to prove himself time and again to overcome the Cadera stigma. But those who could look past his family found a noble warrior who eventually joined forces with the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt. When the Grand Champion went missing after the rise of Zakuul, Torian returned to the Mandalorians and volunteered for the most dangerous strikes against the Eternal Fleet, leading successful infiltration and surveillance missions.

His skill and dedication let him rise in the ranks and gain the trust of Mandalore the Avenger herself, earning him a place by her side.